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The game of cricket is much different from other sports especially because of the number of gears that you would be required to use. Of course you can play the game using a bat and a tennis ball, but it is not real cricket. To play the sport in the real form you are required to be equipped with the different types of equipment that are needed. There are also classifications of these gears in accordance to the roles of the cricketer like batting, bowling time [you could try these out], fielding or keeping. Therefore when you are going to purchase these items, it is necessary to have good knowledge of the things that you would need or else you would end up buying a lot many number of gears than that is required.

There are three aspects of the game and they are namely batting, bowling and fielding. The requirements of a batsman are much different from the bowler or a fielder. For a batsman the most important piece of equipment is the bat. It is made up of English willow as that wood is very hard and do not snap or break easily. The front portion of the gear with which the ball is hit is called the blade and it is mostly flat and is used to hit the ball. The reverse side of it contains a ridge near the middle portion that concentrates the wood and aids in stroke making. The handle is the portion with which the batsman holds the bat and it is attached to the rest of the body by means of a splice. There are certain limitations to the length and breadth of the bat, but not on the weight. Therefore while choosing a bat it is necessary that you opt for one that if of the right length, weight and suits you well. The ball is the other vital cricket equipment without which the game cannot be played. It is made up of cork, wound by strings and covered by four pieces of leather that are stitched together with a raised seam.

The aforementioned items are the most essential ones for playing cricket, but with them some other things are also required and mainly for the purpose of safety. The batsman is especially made to wear quite a few protective gears especially due to the possible hazards that can be caused by a ball coming at high speed. For this reason the batter wears a helmet for protection of the head and face, gloves that cover the palms and fingers, running pads for protection of the legs and a few other things. The wicket keeper is also required to be equipped with helmets, keeping gloves and keeping pads to keep injuries at bay. The bowlers and the fielding side is not required to wear much protective items, however a special kind of sneakers is worn by both the batting and the fielding sides. These sneakers are specially made for playing cricket as they are studded with spikes that give a proper grip of the surface. You now know the different cricket accessories that are used and you need to buy the ones according to your role in the game.

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