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A torrent is a file that you download that links you to other peers who are sharing it, to download the file the torrent specifies.

To download a torrent, you need a client such as utorrent.

A psp torrent I am assuming is a .torrent file used to download psp games.

How do you work torrents on psp go?
Im sorry but... YOU CAN'T!! I wish that pas a possbility but Sony made the PSP Go unhackable (its true) so unless you completely remove THEIR software then no sorry.

How do you download and crack copied PSP video games?
Go onto torrent sites like Mininova and pirate bay. Some torrents may have viruses like spyware in them so look for torrents with good comments on them!

How does someone download a PSP torrent?
PSP torrents can be downloaded like any other file. To open these files however, one needs a torrent program like LimeWire in order to access the contents of the files.

Where can one legally download torrents of porn movies in torrent?
One can legally download torrents of movies from Legal Torrents, Public Domain Torrents, Legit Torrents and Bit Torrents. Public Domain Torrents has out of copyright movies and Legal Torrents has music videos as well.

How do you create torrents?
How do you create torrents?

How is your psp center legal I know psp blender is a scam and bit torrents but from what i read psp center is pretty good. any one have anything to say about it -thanks?
It is not good all they'll say is to download torrent and get the games from website. So you can't download exactly download from psp center so it's not good at all!

Why are the games i am downloading off of my PSP Blender turning out to be corrupt when i put them on my PSP?
You need custom FirmWare on your PSP to play iso files. PspBlender is kind of a scam. It just locates torrents for you. This is something you could do yourself. If you already have custom firmware, then there shouldn't be a problem. For help on putting custom firmware on your PSP, check some of the tutorials on youtube.com, and Dark Alex's website

Why do you have to seed torrents?
You don't have to seed torrents, but seeding torrents helps others to download the torrent quicker

Are torrents illegal?
Torrents are not illegal but the files contained may be!

How do you download roblox torrents?
You can not install roblox through torrents.....

When was Ramon Torrents born?
Ramon Torrents was born in 1938.

Do torrents work on Mac Books?
Yes, some torrents do work on the Mac Books. Torrents used to not be Mac friendly.

What channel is the TV show 'Torrents' on?
"Torrents" is not a TV show on a specific channel. It is a way of watching TV online. Some of the websites which provide torrents are EZTV or The Pirate Bay.

Why wont torrents work?
you need a torrents downloading software, such as Utorrents

What sites have legal music torrents?
VuzeWiki and Torrentfreaks provide legal music torrents. In addition, sites like legal torrents and SXSW also offer additional avenues for downloading legal torrents.

How do you use torrents in a sentence?
Randy fell into the torrents of the river and drowned to death.

Who wrote The Torrents Of Spring?
Ernest J. Gaines wrote The Torrents Of Spring

What part of speech is torrents?
The word torrents is a noun. It is the plural form of torrent.

How many torrents can you download with u torrent?
You can download an unlimited amount of torrents.

Is it illegal to download from torrents in Singapore?
Yes, it is illegal to download torrents in Singapore.

What does Gay Torrents specialise in?
Gay Torrents is a website that specializes in making torrents that feature gay pornography available for download. This is a free gay pornography site.

What are some examples of download torrents?
Some examples of download torrents are uTorrent, BitTorrent and Fuze. Even though downloading torrents are illegal, they do not face much damage. There are many sites that host torrents, one being The Pirate Bay

Were can you download synchron teacher 5.1 eyes for free?
Go to google look for torrents and download load the torrents , then download the file, you need bitcomet to download from torrents!!

What is the birth name of Pep Torrents?
Pep Torrents's birth name is Josep Torrents i Garcia.

When was Pep Torrents born?
Pep Torrents was born in 1943, in Sabadell, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

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