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This coffee maker is easy to use; it has a one-of-a-kind open anti-slip handle so that pouring your coffee from pot to mug would be smooth and convenient.

imageThis model has a filter release button that allows the filter basket to release itself for easy insertion of coffee filter and also for easy filling of ground coffee.

This model is ideal for use in Europe and Asia since the power cords are of European/Asian Style and the voltage is 220/240 50Hz. Its price of less than a hundred dollars make it a true bargain for its quality.

==> Click here for more information on Braun Kf560 Coffee Maker <== What’s good about Braun Kf560 Coffee Maker: <br>This coffeemaker is inexpensive

The Braun PureAqua really helps in improving coffee taste by reducing chlorine

Can make big batches of coffee quickly (up to 10 cups)

Easy and convenient to use

Very functional yet simple

Great tasting coffee in every pot

Like all classic Braun coffee makers, the Kf560 has a sleek design that looks elegant and attractive on any countertop

Coffee always comes out very hot

Has an adjustable shut-off warming plate that keeps its temperature up to four house after brewing

The gold filter helps to improve the taste whilst eliminating the need for paper filters
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Other features of Braun Cafe House include:
Drip stop when removing the jug

Take-out filter basket

Large, visible pilot light

Pivoting filter basket with overflow protection

Easy cleaning

Dishwasher-safe carafe and lid

Water level indicator

Integrated cord storage
Kf560 Things to Consider:
If you want a strong pot of coffee, it would be best that you brew 10 cups of coffee to get desired flavor

Pause and serve function have been reported to have leaking issues

Serving is not made to be a pour and go; one needs to be careful in pouring the coffee or else it may spill

Doesn’t have a function/setting that allows you to adjust your coffee’s brewing strength
Summary: Coffee Maker Kf560 has received some mixed reviews regarding function; but when it comes to the quality of the coffee, there is no question that this coffee maker gives you what you paid for. Of course, one must take into consideration that this has 220 voltage; do not buy it if you are in the Unites States or anywhere that has 110 volts; because obviously this would not work.

But voltage aside, coffee lovers swear by the taste of Braun brewed coffee. Aside from the quality of the coffee, the quality of the water that you use determines the actual taste. The Braun PureAqua filter makes regular tap water taste great and it reduces cost because you need not purchase paper filters or filtered water. Its functions are very simple, easy to use and easy to learn to use. It may lack certain settings such as coffee strength adjustment, but it is a very minor gripe.

Aside from the flavor, aroma and body of the coffee, it is also very important that coffee is brewed and served steaming hot, Braun portable coffee maker machine does just that. There are indeed some downsides as one can see from customer reviews, but still, with its price, the Braun Kf560 delivers optimum results and durability that will allow it to pay for itself many times over.

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