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You can upholster a cat tree with carpet by gluing the carpet to the tree. Any carpet store will have carpet glue that you can use.

How is a carpet cat tree reupholstered?
Carpet cat trees and scratching poles are usually fastened with a staple gun. You can take the old carpet off by lifting it with a large slot screwdriver. Then, wrap the carpet around the pole marking it with a magic marker where you want to cut it to fit. Then staple it back on with a staple gun. I wouldn't use nails or brads because my cat goes through her pole carpet in about a...

How do you use upholster in a sentence?
When people brought in a worn couch, he would upholster it for them.

How do you get cat poop out of the carpet?
Carpet cleaner or stain remover. Scrub. Wash.

Why is your 4 year old cat peeing on the carpet when she has a clean litter box?
If your cat pees on the carpet instead of its literbox it is peeing for. Territory you need to get ur cat nuttered

How can you get the smell of cat urine out of your carpet?
Use a carpet cleaning agent with enzyme removers.

How do you stop a cat peeing on the carpet?
First of all, where ever the cat has peed on the carpet, you need to clean that up good. Get all of the scent out of the carpet such as using rug cleaner with Vinegar. Next thing is to make sure you have a nice clean cat litter box available for the cat. If the litter box becomes full of urine or feces then the cat will stop using it, so keep it CLEAN. If...

Why is your cat scooting his butt on the carpet?
It can mean that your cat has worms. Take him to the vet.

Should you buy a cat tree for a Norwegian Forest Cat?
Yes, a Norwegian Forest Cat should have a cat tree with scratching posts at home. The cat tree should be preferably tall.

What is the best way to clean cat urine out of carpet?
Do your best and then bleach the stain if your carpet is white.

How do you remove cat urine odor from carpet?
To remove cat urine odor from carpet, you can clean the carpet with Febreze or another product that removes odors. You can also clean light carpets with hydrogen peroxide and water.

If you shot a cat would the tree fall over?
no you shot the cat not the tree

What cat is a tree?
There is no cat that is a CHRISTMAS TREE FUR CARPET. But if you want humour well here you go. What do you call a cat in a tree? Wait for it Wait for it Its coming you call it..... STUCK!!

What causes an indoor cat to pee on carpet?
an indoor cat may pee on the carpet because it has no where else to go or they feel threatened or they are marking their territory from other cats

Would a 2 meter carpet python eat a cat?
A two meter carpet python would probably not eat a cat, at that size they aren't really big enough to consider a 15lb cat food. A big coastal carpet python would kill a cat no problem, No domestic cat could overpower a coastal. I lost my 20lb Maine coon to my escaped carpet python. Of course that was my fault for not having a secure enclosure. Keep the cat and the snake separated and you'll...

How do you get a cat out of a tree?
Safely use a ladder to climb up the tree and remove the cat.

How many cats grow on a cat tree?
3 cats grow on a birch tree. but 100 grow on a cat tree!

How will kittens react to a cat pee stained carpet?
They might believe it's alright to use the carpet as a litter box since the smell will be in the carpet

Which stain removal products are best for treating cat vomit and where can they be purchased?
My cat got sick and vomited all over my carpet. What products out there are the best for carpet stain removal and where can I get them?

How do you get cat pee out of a carpet?
if fresh, put baking soda on it . then vacuum . and Resolve carpet cleaner is rlyyy good .

Clean cat odor out of carpet?
The secret to removing cat odor from carpet is to clean it before it dries in. use paper towels to soak up as much moisture as possible. Go to the pet store and buy an enzyme cleaner. Flush the carpet with clean water. Dry the carpet well.

How do I get rid of a cats smell so my other cat dies not want to be afraid and fight?
You can get rid of the cat smell by cleaning carpet and then using a carpet powder to help the smell in the future.

Why would a cat scoot his behind on the carpet?
Chances are, he/she has worms. Take the cat to the vet to get meds. or something.

Can you use cat litter to get the water out of carpet for a car?
most likely since cat litter is absorbent .

What is the simile of the fog curled like a cat around the tree?
The fog curled around the tree as if it were a cat.

What are the things that should be in a cathouse?
food , water ,any favorite toys , a scratching post ,carpet (dont get a carpet scratching post because your cat will confuse it with your carpet)

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