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According to recent stats, millions of men, worldwide, experience some degree of sexual issues that affect their performance in the bedroom. Age is an obvious cause of sexual problems in men, but there are various physical and psychological factors you must know. These issues are troublesome and affect one's overall health and even marital relationship. Some of the most common sexual health issues faced by men are -

Fildena Professional 100mg - Rx-Store.com is for saleLoss of libido - low sexual desire

Erectile Dysfunction - poor erection even after sexual stimulation

Premature Ejaculation - early semen ejection during coition

Infertility - low sperm count
These intimate issues directly hamper sexual performance. The complications are frustration, depression, embarrassment, disappointment and despair. These emotional disturbances eventually causes disharmony in your relationship. If left untreated, they can make your condition worse. Hence, you need to visit doctor once you experience any of these sexual issues.

One of the primary causes behind the aforementioned conditions is improper or lack blood supply to the male reproductive system. Another common cause is low testosterone level. Men often experience these sexual problems due to unhealthy lifestyle, obesity, smoking, underlying medical condition, stress and anxiety.

A man can restore his sexual function by making healthy changes in his lifestyle, such as eating right, performing exercise, maintaining healthy weight and quitting smoking. At the same time, it is important to consult doctor to identify and correct the underlying cause. In many cases, oral medicines are required to manage the sexual conditions. For instance, Sildenafil Citrate (fildena sildenafil) is often prescribed for treating erectile dysfunction, which helps a man achieve erection and perform satisfactory coition.

A medicinal drug like Sildenafil Citrate helps improve erection by boosting blood flow. Consequently, it helps you sustain erection for longer duration so that you can indulge in some productive sexual coital session. It may produce nausea, headache and dizziness, which decrease as the drug effect subsides. If you are allergic to synthetic drugs, you can use herbal remedies or supplements that help boost blood supply to the male reproductive system. In any case, it is highly recommended to consult healthcare professional.

Stress has become one of the leading causes of sexual issues. Therefore, it is imperative to manage stress by following a healthy lifestyle. The bottom line is to make necessary changes in your lifestyle in order to restore your sexual function. Most of the sexual issues are incurable but treatable with effective medicines and lifestyle changes.

Roger Brown is a prolific health and medical writer, independent researchers with an expertise of providing reliable health content for newsletters and websites, including blogs and journals. He is affiliated with The fildena sildenafil and enjoys exploring information on men and women's sexual health.

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