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imageThere are now well over 6 million Kindle books on Amazon. Jonny: Look at this- you want to look at the Amazon sales ranking of a book, and so the numbers that I like to tell people to shoot for is if you can rank in the top 20 of a low hanging category and be roughly better than 50- it's like golf, so the smaller the number the better and if you can rank say between 10,000 and 50,000 you're good to go that's a good place to start and what that means is, if you can sell 5 books you are probably going to hit 50,000 especially if you do it in one day.

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And I made matters even harder on myself by convincing Bill and the producers that if we were going to do this we should use a number of different psychic modalities, including Tarot cards, palm Psychic & Astrology Blog reading, astrology, and psychic mediumship, under the theory that these are all "props" used to stage a psychodrama called cold reading (reading someone "cold" without any prior knowledge).

Since the sting, Thomas John used his prestige out West to launch Seatbelt Psychic," a show on Lifetime in which he surprises unsuspecting ride-share passengers" when he reveals he can communicate with the dead." James Corden, the host of The Late Late Show," gushed that he is obsessed with the show," which resembles Jerry Seinfeld's Netflix series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," except instead of comedians drinking coffee, it's folks talking to the dead.

To me the question is not "how did the Psychic & Astrology Blog know this" but "why would my wife's dead father, whom I've never met, tell the psychic this instead of all the other things he must know about my wife that I'd love to hear about?" Of course, it's possible that the dead father-in-law's spirit was ordered by the Lord to tell the psychic something that would provide evidence of the afterlife.

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